Under new managment Steens Physical will undergo a few changes and some products will be removed or changed.

We will update our portfolio and relaunch the product range later this year.

In the meanwhile please contact us if you have any questions.

Universal Table

Steens Physical have over many years providing safe, reliable and accurate products to a
demanding market. Over the years we have worked with therapist to develop the Universal Table
and the product is of the very best on the market. The table have been sold in many countries around the world and many very old tables are still in use. The table is designed to cover most aspects of treatments and it has flexible choices and provide the therapist with many treatment options. The Universal table is designed for treatment with the main emphasis on manipulation techniques and can take hard load with its very stable construction. It has foot bar control for electric raise/lower that can be operated from all sides. Leg and handle fixing belt for flexion/side flexion included. Comes in black, other colors must be specially ordered.

Available with: Cervicaldropp, Toracaldropp, Pelvicdropp, Lumbaldropp

Treatment Tables

Solid stable framework. The head section has stepless adjustment, and have a facial hole. The leg section is adjustable to + 70 °. Central lockable twin wheels make the tables easy to move. The arm rests have stepless adjustment in height and can be angled up so that the table becomes wider in the middle section. The electric table have foot control for raise/lower, and can be operated from all sides. Suitable for all types of physiotherapy treatments. Standard cushion color is anthracite grey, other colors can be ordered on demand.

Therapy Stools

These chairs are comfortable aids in the treatment of patients on our benches.
They are height adjustable. Maximum and minimum height depends on version.

Can be delivered in two heights: 52-72 cm or 58-84 cm.


Steens Physical MTT equipment.
Legpres, pulleyes, etc.


Steens Physical Rehabilitation equipment.
Parallelbars, Stair Steps, etc.